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CyberLink PowerDVD 13 full Version Free Download

CyberLink PowerDVD 13 full Version 


The Ultimate Media Player for Blu-ray, 3D Video & HD Movie 
Playback across PC, Tablet, Smartphone & TV
If you love movies, PowerDVD is the Blu-ray, 3D & media player for you. Enjoy movies and all your media on your PC, notebook, Smartphone, tablet and TV. Unique CyberLink TrueTheater® enhancements mean a sharper picture, enhanced lighting and smoother motion - even on HD content! A true universal player, PowerDVD makes it simple to play all your movies, videos, photos & music at their best.

Don't let its archaic name fool you Cyberlink PowerDVD may sound like a name that's rooted in history, but it's actually an innovative media player and library manager that goes beyond just standard disc playback. In fact, PowerDVD 13 aims to distinguish itself from the premium media player crowd with features like "TrueTheater" enhancements, presentable media browsing, and customizable playback tools. To wrap it all up, PowerDVD also aims to rope all your media devices into one connected experience.
The installation process is standard: Cyberlink takes about 360MB of space and leaves a light footprint. And like any good media experience, it's important to at least have some organization with your media content if you haven't already done so; Cyberlink will add your system's default "My Videos" and "My Pictures" folders and display just about every video on your PC. Do yourself a favor and separate them into folders in advance for the best navigation setup.
Browsing your media is now a pleasant experience. PowerDVD will generate a thumbnail for every movie file and present your library in a photo-gallery like mode over a dark layout. By default, PowerDVD separates your content by identifying your files as photos, videos, or movies by size and type. PowerDVD will also scan your movie library and cross-reference your files with an online database to display movie information like summaries, reviews, and thumbnails. When combined with the use of a remote or smartphone via Wi-Fi and Cinema mode, your movies are displayed in a layout comparable to that of XBMC and Steam's Big Picture mode.
The meat of the application is in PowerDVD's playback delivery. In addition to increased support for movie file types and speedier performance gains, tweaks like TrueTheater, DLNA support, and 3D conversion have made their way into the new version. TrueTheater is basically a fancier option for adjusting the sharpness and brightness during movie playback. Though this is usually a bad habit in photo editing, applying the setup to motion pictures did indeed improve the viewing experience. Given that Blu-ray files are at such high definition, adjusting image settings does little to reduce the overall image quality. The gain from this minor trade-off results in a clearer picture and is a well executed feature if you have the hardware to run it. Enabling split-screen mode lets you compare your results in real time while the movie is playing, so users don't have to adjust blindly while going back and forth.
Should you ever run out of content or feel like browsing your videos online, Cyberlink also includes the obligatory support for Facebook and YouTube. You can log in to your Facebook account or YouTube account and watch all your uploaded movies and subscribed channels. Unfortunately, this option wasn't available in Cinema mode for our review build.
PowerDVD 13 pretty much covers all the bases: it supports updated standards for 4K and higher resolution content, lossless audio a-la FLAC, and enough customizable tweaks to satisfy an image quality obsessed crowd. Combined with existing DLNA support for playback on tablet devices, it brings a lot to the table for both playback and unification of your media device ecosystem.

Better-than-original Quality

Enhance playback quality of DVDs, video files, photos & music.  Play 4K UltraHD video and watch Blu-ray discs & HD movies from files at quality beyond HD!
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Instant Enjoyment

PowerDVD is a true universal player for all your movies, music, photos & video. Enjoy fast start-up for Blu-ray discs and instant playback of photos, audio and video files.

Across PC, Tablet, Smartphone & TV

Access all your content, no matter on which device it is stored or on which device you play it.  Stream content between connected devices in your home network.

The Must-have Player for your Windows® 8 PC

PowerDVD is the No.1 Blu-ray player with over 100 million copies shipped each year.  Play the latest Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, AVCHD 2.0 and HD file formats with confidence on your new PC.

Better-than-original Quality

Breakthrough Sight and Sound Enhancements

PowerDVD’s unique TrueTheater enhancements make movies come alive with sharper detail, enhanced lighting, smoother motion and immersive surround sound effects. Instantly convert movies and slideshows to eye-catching 3D! 

TrueTheater HD - Upscale video to HD quality and beyond
TrueTheater Motion - Up-convert frame-rate for smoother video playback
TrueTheater 3D - Turn 2D movies, photos and videos into 3D
TrueTheater Lighting - Experience superb colors and enhanced image detail
TrueTheater Stretch - Intelligently expand 4:3 video to 16:9 widescreen
TrueTheater Stabilizer - Minimize the shakiness of your videos
TrueTheater Denoise - Reduce artifacts from shooting in low light
TrueTheater Surround - Expand stereo output for home theater-style surround sound

  Enhance playback of movies, music, photos and video with TrueTheater

TrueTheater HD

TrueTheater HD upscales DVDs and standard definition video to 1080 resolution while eliminating jagged edges and video artifacts. For Blu-ray discs and HD movie files, TrueTheater HD adds edge enhancement, color and lighting technologies to boost the HD movie experience on large displays.

TrueTheater Motion

TrueTheater Motion utilizes a frame-rate conversion process to ensure smoother scene movements and fluid screen action. Enhance frame-rate up to 60fps or 72fps (75fps for PAL) depending on your monitor. Enjoy smoother playback—even during scenes with rapid panning and zooming.

TrueTheater 3D

TrueTheater 3D converts 2D content into 3D, offering a whole new viewing experience for content such as Blu-ray and DVD movies, photo slideshows, YouTube videos and more.  The depth of the 3D experience can be optimized with easy slider controls to get the best results from your 3D display.

TrueTheater Lighting

TrueTheater Lighting automatically adjusts video colors, contrast, and brightness to deliver improved detail and an enhanced viewing experience. Balancing overly dark and overexposed scenes, TrueTheater Lighting is ideal for correcting the loss of detail inherent with some LCD and CRT monitors.

TrueTheater Stretch

TrueTheater Stretch employs a non-linear stretching technique that automatically adjusts the viewing ratio of video to match the output display, with minimal distortion. Watch standard-format videos and DVD movies with natural looking results regardless of the content's original aspect ratio.

TrueTheater Stabilizer

TrueTheater Stabilizer applies motion compensation technology to smooth shaky hand-held video or video shot while moving. Stabilization is one of the easiest ways to making casual videos look more professional to give users a better viewing experience.

TrueTheater Denoise

TrueTheater Denoise removes artifacts found in video shot in low light or at high ISO settings and reduces TV signal noise. Sometimes the shots you want are just plain dark, especially when you take home videos. TrueTheater Denoise helps make those clips better.

TrueTheater Surround

TrueTheater Surround expands 2-channel content to up to 8 channels to create an enhanced surround-sound experience.  Likewise, it simulates surround sound when multi-channel audio is played through headphones and stereo speakers, creating a wider sound image.
Clicking moves right

Instant Enjoyment

Play all your media with confidence

Smile as you experience stunning performance and seamless playback of movies, music, photos and video clips. Play media from your PC, home network, connected devices, YouTube and Facebook. Manage and enjoy all your media in one place.
  • Play all 2D and 3D Blu-ray discs
  • Movies and videos from file, including MKV
  • Ultra HD 4K videos
  • AVCHD content from disc or file
  • Music files in MP3, FLAC and popular formats
  • Photo slideshows with pan & zoom
  • Camera RAW photo slideshows
  • YouTube, Facebook and Flickr content
  • See complete format support

Instant Play features get you playing faster

Speed! Experience up to 58% faster start-up for Blu-ray movies with innovative BD-Live bypass technology! A new architecture and application optimization deliver Instant Play performance for viewing photos, playing music and video playback.

Instant Preview

View scene thumbnails when you hover on the navigational slider

Instant Zoom

Zoom deep into part of the screen during video playback.

Instant Scale

Adjust the size of library thumbnails to make finding content fast.

Smart Search

Quickly find content anywhere in your library.

Instant View

Browse photos and videos in a folder without opening it.View scene thumbnails when you hover on the navigational slider.

Instant Seek

Find scenes fast using with advanced preview optimization.

Easier Navigation

Intuitive controls make a difference. PowerDVD 13 puts the next button you want to click right at hand.

  • Display Current Time, Estimated End Time, and Battery
    Meter in full screen
  • Park mouse in side zones to instantly hide interface controls
  • Pause / play with the space bar
  • Use left and right arrow keys to jump forward and back
  • New Play Speed Navigator makes it easy to set slow/fast
    motion playback


HD audio for your HD movies

Match your visual experience with the best audio available. PowerDVD offers a high quality listening experience for all your media. Enjoy music in lossless stereo formats and movies in immersive surround sound.

Cinematic soundtracks
PowerDVD lets you take advantage of today's most powerful home theater audio technologies for Blu-ray and HD movies. Enjoy superb 7.1 channel audio in Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby Digital Plus formats, plus immersive AAC, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 channel soundtracks.

Maximum quality music
Play music in popular lossless formats including FLAC and APE as well as high-quality DTS 24/96.

Enhance audio for immersive sound
Expand 2-channel audio to 5.1 surround sound with Dolby Pro Logic IIx and take 5.1 ch. sound to 6.1 channels with Dolby Digital EX. Experience 5.1 surround sound on headphones and on stereo speaker systems with Dolby Headphone, Dolby Virtual Speaker CyberLink TrueTheater® Surround.

                                                  Home Theater Connection                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Connect external audio components with lossless pass-through for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Support for HDMI 1.4 allows simultaneous transfer of multi-channel high-definition audio using one hassle-free cable.


Movie file playback as seamless as disc

Watching movies from file is as convenient as watching from disc.  The Movie Library  automatically adds cover art to make finding movies a snap.

  • Auto load subtitles when you play movie files
  • See instant scene thumbnails when you scrub the timeline
  • Move between chapters in MKV movies
  • Resume movie files from where you left off

Amazing quality subtitles

An all-new subtitle engine delivers sparkling quality and unprecedented flexibility.

Customize subtitles for MKV movies
  • Edit subtitle size, color, border color and position
  • Display subtitles outside of picture in screen letterbox region
  • Load subtitles by drag and drop

Display primary & secondary subtitles at the same time
  • Patented CyberLink technology allows simultaneous display of two
    separate subtitles
  • Valued for education, language learning and watching Hollywood
    movies in non-English speaking regions
  • Display primary and secondary subtitles simultaneously for Blu-ray
    disc and MKV / MP4 movies

All your movies, videos, photos & music in one place

PowerDVD makes it easier than ever to organize all your media. Browse movies in a dedicated library. View your music, photos, video and music collections. Create playlists, rate your favorite media content, and find your media by folder, album, artist or genre.

UltraViolet™ ready

UltraViolet is an exciting new service that lets you purchase, store and download content from the cloud. Register or sign into your UltraViolet account, view collection and download content, all from within PowerDVD.

PowerDVD UltraViolet features will be provided as a free update to PowerDVD 13 Ultra users based on the availability of necessary online services DECE has announced. 
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Online movie info
Find out what’s new in theaters and on disc. Broaden your movie experience with integrated online movie info for your collection.

Create and manage playlists for photos, music and videos.

Sync and go
Browse connected Android smartphones and tablets to which you can sync content. Sync photos, music and video to take them on the go.

Browse network devices
Stream content from playback and storage devices on your home network via DLNA.

Connect with Social Media
Link to YouTube, Facebook & Flickr accounts to enjoy your favorite social media sites.

Purchase music
Browse the 7digital online music store (selected regions).  Choose from over 22 million DRM-free songs!

Customize the interface

Customization options let you tailor PowerDVD to your needs. Hide Media Panel tabs – such as the Music Store, Home Media (DLNA) or Online Media – to streamline the interface. Hiding media panel tabs also halts related background processes making the application run yet faster.

  • Choose items that display in the caption bar, movies tab and
    playback controls
  • Change keyboard hotkey and mouse wheel behaviors

New ways to play

Double-click a file or drag an entire folder to the PowerDVD icon. Playback starts instantly. Try the new Mini Player for background music or sit back and relax with Cinema mode.

Personal Photo & Video Player
Starting slideshow playback of personal media is now as simple as dragging and dropping a folder of photos and videos to the PowerDVD media window.
  • Click-one to play-all in a folder
  • Playback starts instantly
  • Portraits shots are displayed in the correct orientation
  • Combine photos and video with seamless playback
  • Camera RAW format support

Music Mini Player
Play music in the background as you work
  • Show album art
  • Pause, skip and mute easily and quickly

Stream content between connected devices in your home network

Stream and share photos, movies and music across your home network between connected Windows, Android, iOS and DLNA devices. Access all your content, no matter on which device it is located, from any connected device.
  • Play content from any connected device with TrueTheater quality!
  • Play to TV - directly or through your wireless network
  • Browse content on one device to play on another

Play from Anywhere on your Network
Media Player (DMP) - Play content from any connected device in your home network with TrueTheater quality!

Find & Play Content with Total Control
Media Controller (DMC) -Browse content on servers and play it on other screens.

Link all your devices with PowerDVD mobile apps

PowerDVD comes with companion apps for your smart devices that let you stream, share and synch content across platform, so you can enjoy your media anytime, anywhere.

PowerDVD Mobile
  • Play video, music and photo on mobile devices
  • Stream video, music and photo from PowerDVD 13
  • Play content from mobile device to PowerDVD or DLNA devices in same network
Learn more 

PowerDVD Remote
  • Turn your iOS or Android device into a remote control for PowerDVD
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse pad for PowerDVD
  • Play photos from smart devices to PC in animated slideshows

Convert and sync video and music to take it on the go

  • Intelligently convert videos, photos and music for your Android tablet
    or smartphone
  • Create rules for 1-click syncing to Android and Blackberry devices

The Must-have Player for your Windows® 8 PC

Complete Media Entertainment for Windows® 8

If you’ve discovered that you can no longer play DVD movies or MPEG-2 video on your new Windows® 8 PC, you’ve found your solution. PowerDVD delivers a complete media entertainment experience!

No. 1 Blu-ray Player for Windows PC
PowerDVD is the No.1 Blu-ray player with over 100 million copies shipped annually. Play the latest Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, AVCHD 2.0 and HD file formats with confidence on your new PC.

Plays DVDs, MPEG-2 and all HD Videos, too
PowerDVD supports DVDs and most popular HD video formats. Spend more time enjoying movies instead of worrying about codecs. Upscale DVDs to HD quality with TrueTheater HD enhancement.


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