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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Download WinLock Professional 5.0

WinLock prefessional 5.0,Security Software,Reviews 

Download WinLock Professional 5.0

WinLock Professional 5.0 is a powerful security solution that restrict you to access to various resource of computer.WinLock Professional has clean and funtional interface that is easy to understand.It gives easy way to set up password on your files or ducements.It's one more interesting feature is that it can lock user of some vital areas such as registry, task manager,control panel and windows folder.Their is timer option which will limit the time spen on the computer.By the help of this software user can set a list of trusted and untrusted website, that means it makes your online surfing full secures and threat free but the restriction apply only to Internet Explorer.Parents finds WinLock Professional a great resource to restrict the user access but remember these settings and restrictions won't work on firefox or any other web browser.

Some Fatures Of WinLock Prefessional 5.0

Apply Different  Restrictions separately to each user account:Now you can create different type of restrictions of different account.WinLock apply selective restriction options.
Surfing Restriction:WinLock Professional allows you to restrict the surfing of your internet.Means you can select the trusted and non-trusted site for your surfing.
Website Content Filteration: WinLock professional does not only scan the pages but it also scans the hidden meta tags of the site and will restrict that part which you have added in restriction option.
Built-in File Encryption: You are likely to have confidential  documents on your PC, which you may want to encrypt.WinLock Prefessional allows you to secure your that confidential file or document.It uses a very stron BlowFish crypto algorithm.Protected file cannot be decrypted without corect password.
                                  That was feature of WinLock Professional some were explained by us.It has user friendly interface.We'll remind you here again that these restriction only works on internet Explorer.

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